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There’s a guy in homegoods strutting around with a white fur bathmat around his shoulders and his like 14 yo daughter is following him begging him to stop because people are staring and she’s embarrassed and he just said


I’m lord stark

Okay his daughter heard me laugh and started begging him to stop and he turned to her and said really dramatically

no Celeste
winter is coming

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castieltheblackeyeddemon asked:

Dogboy!Dean raised in a breeding house with other Omegas and almost every Alpha that comes through impregnates Dean and the Alphas come back for the puppy after a few weeks of it being born. Someone calls and reports it as animal abuse because of the crying and howling of the Omegas. Sam is part of the animal control group and decides to adopt Dean. (you can include the Alpha/Omega porn)


Dean’s vision was blurry, pain radiating throughout his entire body. His delivery had been hard- too much blood, too much hurt. The omega knew something had been wrong the moment his labor began. When his pups were born stillborn, Dean wasn’t surprised. 

The Alpha that had bought his services was angry- he had screamed at Dean after the first pup came out dead, gripping the still-in-labor omega by the back of the neck and yanking him across the room. The Alpha had punched Dean repeatedly after the rest of the pups were born before storming out, demanding his money back for the “faulty omega” he had purchased. 

Dean whimpered, cheek pressed against the shelter’s cold concrete floor. His pain was slowly turning into numbness as he watched blood pool around him. The omega knew this was the end- it almost felt peaceful. Dean welcomed it. 

Dean reached out with the last bit of his strength, trying to hold his dead pups for the first and last time. All he wanted was to hold his babies…

The omega was so far gone that he didn’t even notice the door being broken down and two strong, gentle arms holding him close to a warm, firm body. 


Dean was floating somewhere between consciousness and sleep, body heavy with drugs. His mind was foggy and as the omega let himself drift back to sleep he could just comprehend soft words being spoken. 

"C’mon, sweetheart. Wake up. Come on, Dean." 

Dean let himself be pulled back under.


The next time Dean woke up, his mind felt far clearer and he urged his eyes to open when he heard the voice again. 

"That’s it, baby. Wake up. Let me see those pretty eyes of yours." 

With a quiet groan of pain, Dean opened his eyes to see the most stunning Alpha he’d ever laid eyes on. “Wher-“ 

The omega’s words were cut off when his throat caught at how dry it was. The Alpha next to his bedside grinned sheepishly as he handed Dean a cup of water with a straw. 

"Sorry, I should have given that to you first thing." 

Dean nodded and took a long gulp of water. 

"Drink slow- it’s been a while, you don’t want to get sick." 

The omega felt strangely connected to the Alpha sitting beside him, as though they had known each other for many years. Dean couldn’t help but follow his suggestion and smiled shyly as he finished the water and handed it back to the Alpha. “Where am I? Who are you?” 

The Alpha blushed- actually blushed- and ducked his head. “Mine name is Sam. I rescued you and…I think you’re my mate.” 


Dean had been living with Sam Wesson, his Alpha, for a month now. After spending 2 weeks in the hospital, the Alpha had offered his home to Dean as well as his heart. The omega had gladly accepted both- Sam had not only saved Dean’s life but also made him love life again. 

Sam nuzzled the back of Dean’s neck, gently rubbing a hand over his omega’s belly. “You ready to head to the hospital baby?” 

Dean groaned but nodded. Today was his last check up with his doctor, so long as everything seemed to be healing correctly. Dean’s hole clenched in anticipation- if everything went okay, his Alpha would finally be able to truly claim him, knot him…

Sam chuckled, squeezing his omega’s hardening cock as the room filled with the scent of Dean’s arousal. “Soon enough, baby. Soon enough you’ll be my omega- forever.” 


The doctor’s appointment had gone fantastic. Dean’s body was healing correctly, without too many issues. The doctor wasn’t sure if Dean would be able to carry another litter, but the omega found himself surprisingly okay with that information. After years of being bred and forced to birth litters only to have them taken away, the idea of being pregnant again wasn’t so appealing to Dean any longer. 

"Fuck, Alpha, please- need you!” 

They’d been in the apartment for less than a minute when Dean started tugging his Alpha to the bedroom, kicking off his pants as they went. Slick was already leaking down the omega’s thighs, hole clenching in anticipation. 

"Relax, sweetheart," Sam murmured against Dean’s neck, teeth grazing the soft skin there. "We’ll get there." 

Sam walked his omega backwards to the bed, gently pushing Dean until he was laying down, creamy skin starkly standing out against the dark blue sheets. The Alpha crawled over top of him, crotches grinding against one another, pulling a moan from Dean. 

"God, you have no idea how beautiful you are, do you?" Sam asked, watching his omega. Dean had his head tilted back, lips parted, tongue sliding out to lick at them every so often. His emerald eyes were half lidded with lust, pupils dilated. 

His omega let out a high pitched whine, rocking his hips forward. “Sam…please…” 

"Hush, baby. Gonna take care of you." Sam ran his big hand up the inside of Dean’s smooth thigh before trailing a finger down his crack, collecting slick before pushing one digit into his omega. "God, you’re so wet inside, baby. So tight and hot." 

Dean moaned, ass squeezing the finger inside his body and then relaxing to let another on in. The fingers felt good, but not fulfilling- Dean knew what he needed, and that was his Alpha’s knot. “Sam, need more. C’mon!” 

Sam chuckled, stroking his cock a few times before lining himself up with Dean’s sloppy wet hole. 

"Don’t worry baby. I’ve got you." 

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